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Pinterest's Top 10 Food Trends for 2019 | Pinterest 100

Pinterest's Top 10 Food Trends for 2019 | Pinterest 100

Pinterests top food trends of the year. Including oat milk, homemade jam, grazing tables and more.

A look at Pinterest’s biggest food trends for the new year.

In case you’re unaware, Pinterest is the visual search engine and quintessential platform for discovering and planning your lifestyle. For the 5th time, they have sorted through the billions of pins from last year and chosen 100 that best represent trends for 2019. They hit all their major categories (10 trends in each) like fashion, travel, and wellness. However, we want to focus on our personal favorite… FOOD TRENDS!


Pinterest’s chosen Oat Milk Pin

OK, so it turns out that our very own article was selected to represent food trends this year! We are humbled to gain this exposure for our article, and thus get it to more people who will find it useful! Oat Milk is a non-dairy alternative that is rapidly gaining popularity. Search for this healthy, and sustainable, non-dairy milk is up 186%! Check out our Oat Milk Article to learn more. 

2) Foil Pack Dinner Recipes

 Pinterest’s chosen Recipe Pin

Convenience and flavor, foil recipes are a smart choice! Pinterest says searches are up 759% for this trendy cooking style. Head over to the selected recipe to get some dinner inspo!


3) Grazing Tables

 Pinterest’s chosen Grazing Board Pin

Those who graze together, stay together! Whether you have people to share with or not, creating a grazing table, sample platter, or party board is all the rage. Check out pinterest’s choice to learn more. (We have an epic cheeseboard how-to video as well)


4) Chayote

 Pinterest’s chosen Chayote Pin

Besides being fun to say, chayote is becoming a popular ingredient. Up 76% , chayote should be on your grocery list. Part of the gourd family, chayote is a super-food and it’s on the rise for a reason! Learn more about it here!


5) Easy Classic No-knead bread

 Pinterest’s chosen Recipe Pin

Easy. Classic. No-knead. Ya, we like the sound of all of that! Bread is just so good and we are crying for all of our gluten-free friends. Get inspired with Pinterest’s choice and join the world in searching for more great recipes!

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10 Biggest Food Trends named by PINTEREST

6) Mushrooms

 Pinterest’s chosen Recipe Pin

Besides being delicious, mushrooms pack some great protein. People are getting creative with their mushroom uses and mushroom recipe search is up 64% on Pinterest. Don’t miss this recipe!


7) Ginger Water

 Pinterest’s chosen Recipe Pin

Ginger is known for it’s many health benefits, and with the right recipe, can make a delicious and elevated drink! This enhanced water is ideal to utilize in so many situations. Make sure you get the proportions right by checking out this Pin!


8) Oxtail Recipes

 Pinterest’s chosen Recipe Pin

Oxtail is moving up in the ranks! Oxtail is meat from the tail of cattle and is usually best when slow cooked. It is the subject of some delicious recipes including this one!


9) Homemade Jam

 Pinterest’s chosen Recipe Pin

It looks pretty and it’s delicious. The fun of experimenting with your own homemade jam is worth the time. Searches are up 829% and now our jam craving is up as well! Learn how to make some here!


10) Pegan Diet

 Pinterest chosen Pegan Pin

Combining a vegan and paleo lifestyle, the pegan diet is catching on! Searches are up 337% on Pinterest for pegan eating. Get started with Pinterest’s pick!  

There it is: a list to try, learn about, or brag about the fact that you were way ahead of this. We are thrilled our content was included on this list, as we are major fans of Pinterest: the third largest social network in the world!

See all the pins on their Top 10 Board

 Make sure to check out Pinterest’s full board of 100 Trends for 2019.

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