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Where To Eat In Maui - A Foodie's Visitor Guide

Where To Eat In Maui - A Foodie's Visitor Guide

These are the must go food spots of Maui, Hawaii. A visitor’s food guide to the best restaurants in Maui.

The Mill House, Maui HI. Best Food Spots in Maui.

This Maui food guide is the ultimate resource to eating in Maui. You will not be disappointed with a single one of these outstanding restaurants. From Wailea to Lahaina to Paia, these are the Maui food musts if you’re looking for the best restaurants in Maui! 

Oh Maui, you are one of the most beautiful places in the world. On a recent trip, we got a lot of sun and surf, saw wales from the beach, traveled around almost the entire island, but most of all we ate some of the most delicious food we’ve ever had. EVERY PLACE ON THIS LIST IS FANTASTIC. We don’t say that lightly. We would never recommend a restaurant that we weren’t crazy about. Each of these Maui hot-spots were researched, came highly recommended by tourists and locals alike, and we over-ate at every one of them. We broke it down by Maui breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check it out!


Best Maui Breakfast

Kihei Cafe Breakfast, Best Breakfast Spots in Maui, Hawaii.


Kihei Café | Kihei, Maui

Still drooling. We cruised over to this spot after some 6am whale watching, and it was breakfast heaven. There’s a fast moving line till you order at the counter. We got Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, potatoes, toast, fresh orange juice, a macadamia nut iced coffee special, and a fresh baked cinnamon bun. Ya, there was only two of us…. The cinnamon bun was a must, and all of the staples were on point. You dine on the porch in the fresh air, and after, make sure to stroll across the street to a beautiful ocean view and movie-like surf scene.


Vana Restaurant Paia, Best Restaurants in Maui, HI.

Vana | Paia Town

After a volcano summit sunrise, we headed (hungrily) to the hip little town of Paia. We were one of the first to arrive for breakfast and the food at Vana hit our cravings right on the nose. This is a place where everything was simple, but done to perfection. From the artisan toast, to thick cut bacon, nothing was cooked anything but perfect. The fresh OJ here was memorable and a must-get. A little bonus: we saw Owen Wilson (yah, the hilarious A-list actor Owen Wilson) chillin’ with the hostesses while we ate.



Best Maui Lunch

Best Poke in Maui, Maui Fish Co, Freshest Poke in Hawaii.


Maui Fish Co | Kihei

You want good poke? Like the best poke?? Go to Maui Fish Co. It’s just a small food truck in a food-truck court yard (very common in Maui) that serves up the fresh fish they caught the night before. It’s a friendly and cool experience that’ll leave you wanting to come back. We got over-sized servings of fresh marinated Ahi, sushi rice, and pineapple slaw (so good!). A lot of locals recommended these guys, and it has 100s of killer online reviews to back up the hype.


Best Lunch Spots in Maui, Star Kitchen in Lahaina

Star Noodle | Lahaina

Off a random backroad in Lahaina, Star Noodle is a well kept secret. Star Kitchen does it right. With a casual atmosphere and an intriguing menu, there’s nothing not to like. We had noodles with crispy garlic, steamed buns, and teriyaki chicken. Everything is built to share and try together. If asian tapas is remotely your thing, make sure you go here.

Best Food in Maui, Hawaii, Monket Pod Kitchen in Wailea.

 Monkey Pod Kitchen | Wailea

It’s hard to maintain high quality dishes on a large menu, but this place does it with ease. It’s really a great spot for lunch or dinner, but with tacos and pizza, we’ll throw it in our lunch favorites. We had a lot of food here. Wings, ceviche, fish tacos, wood-fired pizza… No worries we didn’t go hungry on this trip. There’s something for everyone here, and everything we had was top-knotch.



Best Maui Dinner

The Mill House, Maui Hawaii. Best Dinner spots in Maui.


The Mill House | Waikapu

This place was honestly one of the best dining experiences of our lives. That is a bold statement, since we’ve eaten at 100’s of world-class restaurants. Nestled into the flatlands just outside the West Maui Mountains, The Mill House is a restaurant within a giant plantation boasting all kinds of Hawaiian vegetation. We toured the property, got drinks at the bar, had an outstanding meal, and really just took it all in. The scenery from sitting on the back patio blew away just about any other dinner view. The service was unreal. And the food lived up to all that preceded it. Would HIGHLY recommend spending some time at this place, I can’t imagine anyone not loving it.

Mamas Fish House, Best Restaurants in Maui, HI. Wahoo Dinner.


Mamas Fish House | Paia

This popping spot is on just about every food list for Maui that there is, and for good reason. With their own private beach, an open air atmosphere, and friendly service, we enjoyed all of the ambiance. The food was fresh and unique, and everything we ate, we enjoyed. We had some fresh wahoo and ahi, with some refreshing cocktails to wash it all down. It’s up there in price, but if you’re willing to spend it, then it’s worth it!



Shave Ice from Ululani’s in Lahaina.

We had shave ice from several spots, and this was THE BEST SHAVE ICE IN MAUI! (In our humble opinion)

Kraken Coffee | Kihei

Highly recommended coffee truck that didn’t disappoint. We had the cold brew, and it was a treat. If you’re looking for great coffee in Maui, check this place out!

Maui was a foodie’s paradise. Almost every restaurant incorporates local and fresh caught product. The dishes are unique and delicious, and could go toe-to-toe with any culinary scene. I mean go to Maui for the unreal scenery, special culture, and relaxing vibes, but stay for the outrageously good food.

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