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Oat Milk | Everything You Need To Know

Oat Milk | Everything You Need To Know

Oat Milk: Recipe, Ingredients, Nutrition, Uses. Everything you need to know about Oat Milk!

What is Oat Milk?

Oat Milk is becoming a popular non-dairy beverage to replace Milk. Oat Milk is made primarily from oats and water and is rich with the same nutritional value as oats, including protein and fiber. Oat Milk is being utilized in coffee, for baking, and just as a refreshing drink.

This guide will cover:

  1. Oat Milk Ingredients

  2. Oat Milk Nutrition

  3. Compatibility with Dietary Lifestyles

  4. Oat Milk Applications

  5. Oat Milk Brands

  6. Easy Oat Milk Recipe

Whether you’re just starting to explore non-dairy products or you’ve been living the non-dairy life for forever, Oat Milk should be on your radar.

There is some debate over calling things milk that do not fit the traditional definition, but we won’t let that bother us in any way. A protein rich drink that looks a little bit like milk? That’s good enough for us.

Many dairy alternatives have made their way into our diets and onto the grocery store shelves over the years. The arrival of Oat Milk isn’t as new as you may think, but it has just recently gained mainstream popularity. We’re not here to tell you if it’s the right option for you; we just want to fill you in on everything we know!


OK, so we analyzed both the make-at-home recipes and some popular brands of Oat Milk to get a good grasp on common ingredients and composition. ESSENTIALY OAT MILK IS JUST OATS AND WATER. There are many other natural ingredients you could add at home for added taste or nutrition. Oat milk brands tend to have more extensive processes where they mill the oats, separate the fiber from the bran (in English: remove the shells) and then supplement with added vitamins and flavor.

Homemade Oat Milk ingredients may include:



Sea Salt

Natural Sweetener

Cocoa Powder for Chocolate ;)


Ingredients we saw in common Oat Milk brands:

Mostly Oats and Water

And Minimally:

Rapeseed Oil

Dipotassium Phosphate

Calcium Carbonate

Tricalcium Phosphate

Sea Salt

Dicalcium Phosphate


Vitamin A

Vitamin D2

Vitamin B12


Natural Flavors

Gellan Gum

*A lot of the above ingredients are either added vitamins, additives for consistency or preservatives.

Since the main ingredients are oats, let’s take a little deeper look at them. Oats are commonly agreed upon to be a very healthy food. They are a nutrient rich cereal grain that has become a common go-to for health nuts. Their nutritional value provides protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Oat Milk: Recipe, Ingredients, Nutrition, Uses. Everything you need to know about Oat Milk!


These are the Oat Milk nutrition averages we found by comparing a few market options.

Oat Milk Nutrition Facts per 1 Cup (240 ml)

  • Calories- 115

  • Fat- 3g

  • Saturated Fat- 0.2g

  • Trans Fat- 0g

  • Cholesterol- 0g

  • Sodium- 110mg

  • Total Carbs (Carbohydrates)- 19g

  • Dietary Fiber- 2g

  • Soluble Fiber- 1g

  • Total Sugars- 10g

  • Protein- 3.5g

And Included:

Vitamin D
Vitamin A
Vitamin B12

All of this nutrition turns out a little better if you are simply making it yourself at home with just oats and water, however you may lose some of the vitamins that they add. (Same protein and fiber, less sugar, sodium and calories).

So the question is…

Is Oat Milk good for you?

Yes. Oat Milk has nutritional qualities that contribute to a healthy diet.


OK so you’re living that vegan, keto, paleo, gluten-free, non-gmo lifestyle. Respect for deciding to cut out several delicious food categories for something you believe in. Always make sure you know all the facts surrounding any diet or permanent life-style choice, just to be sure you are achieving what you set out to!

Let’s look at some of the common diet preferences and see where Oat Milk does and doesn’t fit in. 

Is Oat Milk vegan?

Absolutely! Oats are a sustainable cereal grain that is not an animal by-product in any way.


Is Oat Milk Vegetarian?

Yes! Oat milk should be completely vegetarian, as it is made from oats and water. Oat Milk is a perfect milk alternative.


Is Oat Milk gluten-free?

Oh boy, oats and gluten. Short answer is yes, but it does get complicated. We are not going to be the definitive answer on this but here is what we know: A pure oat in it’s natural form is by definition gluten free. The main issue is the contamination from wheat products with oats. However there are brands of oats that test them and then certify that their products are gluten free. There is a protein in oats similar to “gluten proteins” that in some cases has triggered responses from people with Celiac Disease. Here’s a cool article on that from 

If you are just trying to eliminate gluten from you diet, then we would recommend oat milk, especially made with gluten free certified oats.

If you have Celiac or intense intolerance, you may want to consult with more official health sources.


Is Oat Milk non-gmo? 

If the container of oat milk is non-gmo certified or the oats you buy to make it are non-gmo certified then YES you are good.


Is Oat Milk Paleo?

No, oats are a grain that the Paleo Diet avoids.


Is Oat Milk Keto?

No, it is usually avoided. The keto diet revolves around very low carb foods and oats are naturally higher in carbs.


Is Oat Milk dairy-free?

YASSSS, we thought that one was clear. It’s made from oats and water. Neither of which are dairy.


Oat milk, depending on origin of the oats or the brand of oat milk, should usually be completely:

Soy Free

Nut Free

Egg Free

… and can easily be organic.(Check the oats or oat milk packaging)


Don’t be surprised to start seeing Oat Milk everywhere. You’ll start noticing Oat Milk at your local coffee shop, on grocery store shelves, and maybe in your friend’s fridge.

 People are using oat milk in all the ways dairy milk is used.

For Cooking:

Here’s a cool recipe for Oat Milk Pancakes!

Oat Milk: Recipe, Ingredients, Nutrition, Uses. Everything you need to know about Oat Milk!

In Coffee:

Whether you want to lighten up your coffee, or make a frothy coffee drink, Oat Milk may do the trick.


In Cereal: 

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Yes, that is essentially liquid cereal over top of cereal.


Just a nice glass: 

Absorb all the nutrients with a refreshing glass of Oat Milk! A non-dairy option to wash down your dessert.

5) Oat Milk Brands

If you're not looking to making your own Oat Milk, there are many emeriging brands to choose from. Check for attributes that may be important to you like organic, low-sugar, non-gmo certified. Here are a few popular brands with good reputations:



Pacific Foods


Here we have a simple recipe to make the perfect batch of Homemade Oat Milk. Whether it’s to save money, or have more control of how it’s made, making your own Oat Milk isn’t a bad option! It’s easy, affordable, and fun to try out! Now a brand that has perfected the recipe, might taste a little better. Just saying.

Here’s how you make oat milk:

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Easy & Delicious Oat Milk Recipe. Make non-dairy, vegan milk at home! #OatMilk #VeganMilk #DairyFree


Oat Milk Recipe Ingedients:

  • 1 Cup of Gluten Free Oats
  • 3.5 Cups Cold Filtered Water
  • Pinch of Sea Salt (Optional)
  • Tsp Organic Sugar (Optional)


1) Make oat flour by blending the oats in a blender until gritty flour consistency.

2) Soak the oat flour by covering with water, letting it soak for 3 minutes and then drain the water from it.

3) Add the now wet oat flour and the 3.5 cups of cold filtered water to a blender .

4) Blend for 1 minute.

5) Use a cheese cloth / coffee screen / sieve to strain the “Milk”. We used a coffee screen from a pour-over. The milk will drain slowly. Take a sip and decide if you want to add any sweetener or salt.

Store in a lidded container. (Mason or milk jars look coolest) This batch of oat milk should last 2-3 days in your fridge.

The beverage scene is exploding (check out our beverage category on our featured market) and that just means more unique options to quench your thirst. You don’t need to be living a non-dairy lifestyle to try out and love Oat Milk. There are lots of great reasons to sub in some Oat Milk when you are thirsty. We hope this guide taught you a few things about this trending drink, and helped you decide if you want to give it a try!

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