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5 Best Farmers Markets in the US

5 Best Farmers Markets in the US

Best Farmers Markets in the U.S.

We’re back again to share with you our 5 best farmers markets of 2019. Last year we highlighted some wonderful public markets; let’s see which new additions made this years list!

There are 1000’s of farmers markets popping up in every town and even neighborhood, in the United States. We tried to focus on more permanent markets that have stood the test of time, and are open to the public almost every day.

This year’s choices encapsulate today’s culture of seeking out the freshest and highest quality products, produced by brands with meaning. Farmers Markets are beacons of discovery, and often launching pads for the “next big thing.”

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1. Reading Terminal - Philadelphia, PA

As one of the U.S.’s oldest public markets, Reading Terminal has become a piece of American history. Located in the history-rich city of Philadelphia, it fits right in. Locals and tourists can agree that this market is exactly what you hope for in a farmers market. This Philly treasure is loaded with vendors that cover it all. We’re talking locally made products, fresh meat, fresh fish, and no shortage of a good, ready to eat bite. Reading Terminal is open almost every day of the year and is rightfully dubbed one the best markets in the nation.

2. West Side Market - Cleveland, OH

A conglomerate of local culture, and a must-see next time you’re in Cleveland is West Side Market. West Side Market is publicly owned and has rich history that’s worth reading about. We recommend getting lost in the maze of vendors until you’ve bought and ate more than you should have. This is a place to brush shoulders with local business owners and the citizens of Cleveland. You won’t find a better place to pick up some fresh provisions or fresh cut flowers. West Side has been open for over 100 years, and for good reason! - Mike Baker - Mike Baker


3. Grand Central Market – L.A. California

 A downtown LA staple, Grand Central Market is a great place to soak up some authentic LA culture. GCM has been around since 1917, and is a favorite to many natives and newcomers alike. They boast a roster of vendors that cover just about every cuisine you might want. If you’re looking for a good representation of Los Angeles and it’s diverse culture, make sure to add Grand Central Market to the itinerary!

4. Milwaukee Public Market - Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Public Market, open 7 days a week, includes some modern and classic elements that give it an inviting feel. This is a place where Artisans and Local Merchants gather to provide some delicious offerings for the people of Milwaukee. This public market hosts a convenient second floor to hang out and enjoy a bite. Do that, or grab and go with some unique finds and fresh ingredients for tonight’s dinner!

5. Winter Garden Farmers Market & Plant Street Market - Winter Garden, FL

A 2 for 1! Plant street market is an always-open food hall. However, with an amazing Saturday farmers market right next door, we couldn’t not include Winter Garden Farmers Market.

Plant Street is a smaller open floor plan market, anchored by crooked can brewing. When a market ends with a brewery, you really can’t go wrong. Here you can grab some local honey, or a bite from one of many killer popup eateries. Plant street is the place to be in Winter Garden Florida. This is the perfect spot to grab a craft beer, some hand-held food, and find a couple goodies to go.

Every Saturday, just a stones throw away is Winter Garden Farmers Market: a plot of land that transforms with pop-up tents shading some of Orlando’s best small businesses. You can grab your jerky, hot sauce, and any other local treat you could possibly want. Our suggestion, go on a Saturday, hit this, and then head over to Plant Street Market for more local fun.

Wow, that gives us travel fever. So many beautiful markets to plan a trip around. If you are anything like us and enjoy suffocating in local cuisine, picking out goodies from local makers, and spending time with other fun people, these markets are the perfect place to do so. There are tons of great spots all over the country. Be sure to check out last years list of best markets which has some absolute gems that are still very relevant. Each years list will help us create one giant collection of amazing markets to check out. Use our new Farmers Market Finder to find a farmers market wherever you are. Also, checkout our own Featured Market to discover the best emerging brands and products online, and be able to support them directly!

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