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5 Best Keto Snacks

5 Best Keto Snacks

The 5 best packaged keto snacks you can buy to take on the go!

Best on-the-go Keto snacks to buy!

Snacks. We need on-the-go snacks to help us thrive in this lifestyle. All the recipes for breakfast through dinner are great, but we want the best keto friendly snacks to take along for the ride. The ketogenic diet has taken over, and it’s hard not to meet someone either testing out keto or someone who is a keto veteran. We’re taking a look at quick, no hassle keto snacks to keep you on track this year. If you don’t want to cook anything, or prep out everything you eat, look into these pre-packaged keto snack options.

1. Cheese Whisps

Cheese Whisps, yum. Many people use cheese as a great snack option for the keto lifestyle. High in fats, moderate in protein, no carbs; it’s pretty much ideal. Cheese whips give you a less perishable alternative to carry around with ease. Also, cheese whisps fulfill that craving for a crunchy, salty snack, that is usually the place of carb heavy alternatives. 

Below are some of our favs:

Cheese Snack for Ketogenic Diet - Best Snacks for Keto Diet

2. Cauliflower Thins

You read that right. There are some snack brands making crunchy treats with the primary ingredient being Cauliflower. Usually very low carb, moderate protein, and good amount of fat. These pseudo chips are perfect with some cheese, or just as is! Pro tip: crunch them up for a bread crumb alternative!

best snacks for keto diet - cauliflower crackers


3. Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs

Peanut butter is a go-to for the keto diet. It’s a keto snack that is vegan, high in healthy fats and proteins and has no carbs. Definitely aim for a natural peanut butter with little to no additives. We are voting for the grab-n-go peanut butter packs that have become very popular. This allows you to take your peanut butter with you and enjoy it within your busy schedules.

Don’t miss out on these:

Peanut butter snack for keto diet | best keto snack options


4. Coconut Chips 

Coconuts contain healthy saturated fats that provide several health benefits. Luckily, a few brands have turned these into crunchy chips without adding anything unhealthy to the mix! Grab a bag of coconut chips for a crunchy snack that has almost no carbs and is high in good fats!

Check out one of our favs:

Coconut chips are a good keto snack | Best on the go keto snacks to buy

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Best Keto Snacks to take on the go! Grab these packaged keto snacks that help you breeze through the keto diet!

5. Jerky

Jerky can be a great source of protein during your keto experience. Jerky is dehydrated and often flavored cuts of meat. This makes this snack virtually carb free and only consisting of protein and fats. It usually won’t be your best source for super high fats, but it can be a quick and tasty way to get some protein in. Avoid Jerky’s with too much added sugars. There is everything from beef jerky to fish jerky, along with some new vegan innovations hitting the market.  

You can’t go wrong with:

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

 There it is, our best keto snacks to help you breeze through the ketogenic diet. Make sure to STOCK UP on these delicious snacks to drastically simplify your keto lifestyle. If you need some no hassle, packaged keto snacks, make sure to try out these winners. Use hashtag #TOFMketosnacks to share your other favorite snacks or your experience with our favorites from above.

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