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Best Way To Work With Food Bloggers and Influencers

Best Way To Work With Food Bloggers and Influencers

How to work with the best food blogger and food influencers

As a food or beverage brand, there’s no doubt that partnering with food bloggers and influencers can be a home run marketing tactic. Doing it right though, can be the difference between adequate and total success. This year we began building out our own amazing network of creators and influencers. Below are a few pillars that we built this program around that have proven to be extremely valuable.

There are 3 important things to consider when creating an influencer campaign.

  1. Do they actually influence?

    There’s millions of people that consider themselves “influencers”. While they may have the audience size (followers, etc.), does not mean that they’ll be worth the expense. It’s important to pay attention to how engaged their audiences are. Look for very high quality content, consistent interaction, and genuine engagement.

  2. Build a relationship. 

    t’s important to create a real relationship with the creator/blogger/influencer. Understanding them as a person and how their business works is super important. You want to be able to easily communicate with this person, have them trust and like you, and understand what services they offer.

  3. Understand what they’re forte and value is.

    Every influencer has different specialties. Some create world-class content, but don’t reach too many people yet. Some create pretty simple content, but their reach is tremendous. You have some influencers that have a thriving blog, instagram, and pinterest, while some are just focused on instagram. It’s crucial to know where their audience lives, how they reach them, and how engaged they are. This helps you determine the monetary value of working with them, and how to get the most out of your partnership.


We’ve created an extremely successful food blogger & influencer network, comprised of handpicked influencers that not only create outstanding content, but also have highly engaged audiences of their own.

 We’re beginning to let select brand partners tap into this asset. This way, instead of you having to scan through millions of “influencers” to determine who’s legit, build a relationship with each of them, figure out their offerings and negotiate a campaign with them, and then measure everything, we can easily help you avoid all of that leg work by leveraging our relationship with our established network. You can simply discuss campaign goals and budget with us, and then we’ll do the rest. Contact us if you’re interested in being considered as a brand partner.

 The influencer approach is a must for brands in the food and beverage space. You need people telling other people about your brand and product, and this is the best way to accomplish that at scale. We’re all about jumping on this tactic; just make sure you’re working with the right people in the right way!


Shoot us a quick message if you’re interested in working with our Food Blogger & Influencer network.

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