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Top 3 Digital Marketing Opportunities For Small Businesses In 2018

Top 3 Digital Marketing Opportunities For Small Businesses In 2018

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Almost all social media channels give us the ability to put together small-budget campaigns to extend our reach. Unfortunately the secret is out, and the saturation has driven prices up for Facebook and Instagram. Not only are Pinterest ads under-utilized, but the platform is really ideal for advertising. People are already on there “shopping” and the ads integrate seamlessly with the organic content. Without a doubt, we feel you will get the most bang for your buck with Pinterest ads.  Now create just the right content and build your ad set properly, and the return can be substantial.

How to make an instagram story, Using Instagram Stories for marketing, Best Instagram Marketing Techniques 2018 

IG stories have picked up a ton of steam, so much so it seems they are pushing snapchat to obsolete status. While most brands and people have caught on, we still think you would be foolish to not take advantage of them. They are a free and easy way to put out consistent content that will take virtually no time to implement. It’s a great chance to bypass the carefully curated content that you would normally post on your page, and just use real-time insights of your business instead. People love seeing the product you’re making that day, a stack of shipping orders ready to go out, or just your coffee shop pseudo workspace for the day.  However, if you have the bandwidth to come up with interactive and exciting stories, certainly do so! (Remember to use hashtags and locations in your story to improve your reach)

Should I Start A Blog, Blogging 2018, How to Grow my Blog in 2018

Yes, it’s still very much alive. We see blogging as an easy way to have a sharable piece of content that can easily drive 1000’s of new visitors to your website. Focus on 3 things: the concept, valuable content, and promotion. Concept a blog post that you know can provide value to an audience that you’re familiar with. Take a couple hours, or hire a good writer to write a short and fun article that has some sort of unique perspective. Publish this on your site with a few pictures, and get to work sharing it. Drop it in every forum, group, newsletter, and share across all of your social networks. If done right, this is the least amount of time and money it will take to boost your web traffic.


It’s a great big digital world out there, and everything is always changing. When you find something that is working, take full advantage of the opportunity. When it changes, no complaining, just adapt and make the most of the next thing! Jump on these three ideas while they’re hot!

Need help Pinning, Storying, or Blogging?! That’s our thing. Give us a shout, we are happy to answer questions and assist where we can!