Relax & Refresh Gift Box

Relax & Refresh Gift Box


Artisan & Crafter Boxes make the most thoughtful and unique gifts. Included with each box is a handwritten message and a beautiful menu card describing each item. 

Relax & Refresh Includes:

Hand Poured Candle 

Hazel Candle Company: Each of their candles are made in small batches of only six to ten at a time. This allows them to pay close attention to all details ensuring you receive a truly handmade pristine end product. Each scent is thoughtfully chosen and precisely mixed to capture the true essence of nature. 


Bow & Arrow Candle Co:  Handcrafted, high quality, naturally based candles that are pleasing to the senses, harmless to the environment, and supportive of U.S. soybean farmers.

Natural Lip Balm

Prairie Farm Organics: Handmade and packaged Vanilla Lip Balm. From the packaging to the product itself, you can instantly sense the time and love put into each Prairie Farm Organic item.

Artisan Soap

Madalmy: Thoughtful in every step, Madalmy's handmade soaps are visually stunning and a must have for anyone that enjoys natural bath products.  

Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Madalmy: From the scent to the texture, you will dread the day you run out of this scrub. Every scent is unique and delightful and it's the best scrub we've ever tried.

Baltic Birch Box

Waam Industries: The sliding lid wood box that houses the above items is an amazing gift in itself. The wood grains of these domestic made boxes are so beautiful in person. The box makes for an awesome storage and/or decorative piece.

*All box products are subject to be switched out for a very similar product if we have found something new that we love.

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