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Tamim Teas
Tamim Teas, All Natural Tea, Herbal Tea, Online Farmers Market


Year Founded: 2015

Founder: liat racin

About: Medicinal mushrooms are an age-old remedy for strengthening the immune system. We want to share this cherished tradition with you. That’s why we handcraft delicious herbal teas with functional mushrooms. 

Naturally, the most effective mushroom tea starts at the source. At Tamim Teas, we partner with American family farmers to ensure the best organic medicinal mushrooms. From there, we carefully pair them with organic caffeine-free herbs in small batches. The result is a delicious nourishing herbal tea like none other. Whether a health enthusiast or simply a lover of herbal teas, these healthful blends offer the wonderful benefits of medicinal mushrooms with optimal taste & quality. 

Company History: “My good friend contracted an immune deficiency disease and was recommended to drink medicinal mushrooms for immune system support. At first, this sounded crazy. Mushroom tea? Yuck. And, not psychedelic? What?

But it wasn’t long until I also started drinking mushroom teas and learned about all their wonderful health benefits and long-time therapeutic uses in eastern medicine. Yet, I still didn’t enjoy the taste and didn't want to consume any imported mushroom processed powders or extracts.

That’s why I started to carefully pair American family farmed functional mushrooms with tasty organic herbs. This not only enhances the flavor but also the health properties of each mushroom, all-naturally. Nothing brings me more joy than sharing the gift of a delicious mushroom tea that stays true to tradition.

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