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Shaka Sauce
Shaka Sauce, Craft Hot Sauce, Best Hot Sauce, Local Hot Sauce, Specialty Sauce, Online Farmers Market

Costa Mesa, CA / Denver, CO

Year Founded: 2015

Founder: Matthew Parsons

About: BLEND NO. 1 "Trinidad" is named after the "Trinidad Moruga Scorpion" pepper and its origin on the southwest coast of Trinidad. This sauce is most traditional and red in color. The "Trinidad" will begin with a trace of vinegar, quickly offset by the peak of peppered flavor, finishing with a light tingle leading to the next bite!

BLEND NO. 2 "Pineapple Habanero" is a universal hot sauce that can be enjoyed by most anyone. The Habanero pepper and fresh Pineapple create a cool, sweet taste that elevates in warmth from bite to bite. Think of fish tacos, chicken, and most definitely pizza! We caution you on going all in with this one. Just like a good time, you might get lost in the experience and forget your adding heat to every bite!

Company History: Having nothing other than a Shaka to throw as a traveler, I wanted to create something that could be given as a "Thank You" to others. A symbolic gift that grasps the memories of shared experiences. The representation of the logo entails the giver as the thumb and the receiver as the pinky. The 3 folded down fingers are what holds the "Aloha Spirit" between the two of you.

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