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Pure Spoon

Pure Spoon

Pure Spoon, Organic Baby Food, Best Natural Baby Food, Healthy Baby Products, Online Farmers Market

Austin, Texas

Year Founded: 2014

Founders Name: Alyson Eberle

About: Fresh, organic baby food, shipped right to you! HPP, Non-GMO, nothing added, just simple, clean food just like mom (and grandma) made it.

Company History: When transitioning into solid foods for your children, families want to provide the best possible option for setting them up for healthy habits. Like most passionate, healthy minded moms, founder, Alyson Eberle, wanted the very best for her first born, Riley.

After spending countless hours in the kitchen making her own organic food, she searched for a convenient option that maintained the same quality as her kitchen provided. After searching throughout the store, she could not find a fresh option and had to do something to help other moms out, hence Pure Spoons' creation.

From a kitchen in Houston, Texas to now owning a certified allergy free kitchen in Austin, Alyson has found her calling and has answered her very needs by offering the first ever cold pressed, organic, fresh baby food option to Texas. Using HPP, not only does the quality organic food taste incredible, it also keeps nutrition dense. Five years later, we are able to deliver fresh to your door options across the states and several established retailers.

Pure Spoon is the pioneer of fresh, convenient baby food in the United States.

"Babies deserve fresh" and "I wish this was around when I was making my own baby food because I did not trust the processed stuff on the shelves" is what comes out of moms mouths naturally when discovering Pure Spoon.

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