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Pickled Pink Foods

Pickled Pink Foods

Pickled Pink, Georgia Brand, Pickling, Condiments, Online Farmers Market

Peachtree Corners, Georgia 30092

Year Founded: 2013

Founders: Jim Lawlor & Charlie Stephenson

About: We produce southern rooted gourmet pickled products to include: Sweet Gourmet Pickles, Smokin' Okra, Spiced Watermelon Pickles, and Perfectly Pickled Peaches among others. All products are All Natural, and are naturally Gluten Free.

Pinkled Pink, Online Farmers Market, Pickled Foods

Pickled Pink Foods is a gourmet food company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Formed by friends and business partners Charlie Stephenson and Jim Lawlor, who spent many years in the restaurant business both in operations, and as owners. They have always had a passion for food, people, and most importantly, fun…….

Company History: Over the years Charlie’s wife would have these old family recipe pickles made for the holiday’s over in Huntsville, Alabama, and ironically Charlie himself HATES pickles. He did though love these and thought: “if I like these pickles, and I really don’t like any other pickles, then maybe some one else would enjoy them too”…..During the Christmas season of 2012, Charlie and Jim began to discuss the beginnings of their food company venture.

We formulated the recipe, produced some jars, and sent them off for “testing” to the former head of the Southern Living Magazine Test Kitchen (an acquaintance of ours)…..”They’re Southern, Old Fashioned, and there is not a lot out there on the market like ‘em…..” That was enough of a vote of confidence, and in the Spring of 2013, Pickled Pink Foods LLC (named by Charlies wife) was formed and the fun began. That July of 2013, we presented at the Atlanta International Home and Gift Show, sold to almost 100 new stores and clients in 19 states, and we were off and running.
In 2014 we introduced our Sweet Heat Jalapeno and Spiced Watermelon Pickle, and in the summer of 2015 began selling our Gourmet Jalapeno Pickle. 2016 saw the introduction of our “Smokin’ Okra” in March, in Q4 2016, we launched into retail our Perfectly Pickled Peaches, and Vidalia Onion & Peach Relish (taking advantage of the Peach harvest here in the South!). A Spicy Pickled Green Bean, and a Garlic Dill Pickle is on the horizon as we move through 2017, and into 2018. Giving choices and an assortment for all our retailers is key for us as we move forward. The fun, excitement and passion never ends for us at Pickled Pink! Our family recipe book is full of lots of great items that we can’t wait to share with everyone……..

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