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Goodys Granola

Goodys Granola

Farmers Market, Online Farmers Market, Goody's Granola

Brooklyn, NY

Straight out of Brooklyn

Goody is going to break down Goody’s Granola for you:

You eat Goody’s Granola because it taste just right
You’ll know what I mean with just one bite
It’s got cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds
There’s peanuts and honey, all natural things

It’s made in Brooklyn,NY   N-Y-C
With all the love and respect
That’s the way it should be

You eat it out of the bag,  sprinkle it on salad, on ice-cream, or yogurt what does it matter
Your taste buds will burst, your eyes they’ll pop
It’s that sweet tasting goodness that makes Goody’s rock

On an all-natural diet?
Go on try it

I’m talking Goody’s Granola; The soft baked snack
I think I said enough
Time to call it a wrap




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