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Blank Slate Kitchen

Blank Slate Kitchen

Blank Slate, Pantry Ingredients, Unique Sauces and Condiments, Small Batch Ingredients, Specialty Food, Online Farmers Market

New York

Year Founded: 2014

Founder: Alex Sorenson

About: Blank Slate Kitchen is a Brooklyn-based company that crafts unique, sustainably-minded pantry ingredients to help people explore, develop and realize their own kitchen creativity. Our products are crafted in New York in small batches, with the finest quality ingredients we can find. When at all possible, we use organic, non-GMO and fair trade sources.

We launched the brand with a line of rich simple syrups: versatile syrups for use in both cocktails and cooking - desserts, baking, marinades, and just drizzling over things like pancakes, oatmeal, etc. 

In 2017 we launched our Szechuan Chili Oil, kicking off our move into savory food ingredients, which has been the plan for the brand from the beginning. Unique to the market and deeply flavorful, it has been an instant hit!

Company History: Blank Slate was founded in 2014 by chef Alex Sorenson, who has worked in a wide range of fine dining restaurants throughout New York City, and the world at large, having lived and worked in France, Rwanda and Borneo. The New York Times has described his cooking as having a “brightness to it, a clever happiness that comes through on the plate.” Alex routinely travels to the far corners of the earth in search of the best ingredients and exciting new flavors, techniques and dishes to inspire Blank Slate Kitchen’s products.

As America’s obsession with food and restaurants has grown, and as more and more home cooks are creating sophisticated dishes, Alex realized that a key difference between professional and home cooks is the pantry of prepared ingredients restaurant kitchens rely on – a cook’s mis en place. The idea for Blank Slate Kitchen quickly took shape – to take some of the most important and versatile prepared ingredients from professional kitchens, bring them to the retail market, and get them into the hands of cooks everywhere and support their culinary creativity.

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